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Providing free, temporary foster care placement and support services, specifically for the pets of those seeking treatment for alcohol and substance use disorders.

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We understand the support, companionship, and love pets bring to our lives. That’s why we created this temporary foster placement service, to ensure your pets are taken care of while you get the help you need. Then, upon returning from treatment, you and your pet will be happily reunited once again, with an additional layer of recovery coach support to help during your transition.

*All pets are subject to an interview before fostering

How it works

Foster Parent

1. Apply

Let us know a bit about you so we know which pets would be the best match. 

2. Match

Once approved, we'll add you to the list and let you know when we have a pet in need.

3. Care

Give the pet a loving, caring home while his or her owner is in treatment.

4. Return

Once the owner is ready, you'll be able to return the pet to his or her loving home. 

Apply today to become a foster parent!

Temporary Surrender

1. Apply

Let us know about your situation and your pet.

2. Surrender

Temporarily surrender your pet to one of our loving foster homes. 

Take care of yourself and get the help you need, all without worrying if your pet is cared for.

3. Heal

4. Reunite

When you're ready, we'll welcome your pet back into your arms. 

Apply today for recovery pet care! 


I was doing really well and then, unfortunately, relapsed on alcohol. Robyn and Jimmy took my Penny Lane in while I both entered detox and went through the moving process. I received so many pictures and updates and knew my girl was safe! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. 


-Stephanie J

Frequently Asked Questions



Interested in becoming a Foster parent?

Fill out a foster application

Entering recovery?

Fill out a temporary surrender application

Community Partners

Partnerships for Creating Healthy Communities.


Herren Project: Services and support to help us all live healthy, fulfilling lives free from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. 

Dogs Matter STACKED CMYK.jpg

​Dogs Matter: Providing and promoting a safe and healthy environment for dogs of recovering addicts and alcoholics.  "We take care of your best friend while you take care of yourself."  For temporary dog fostering assistance outside of the CT area, please contact Dogs Matter.

PPR Logo Black Text.jpg

Project Precious Rescue: Based in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  The mission of PPR is to rescue adoptable animals who may otherwise face homelessness or death, and find them loving forever homes.

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